Critical Reflection

Through this entire journey of CPD II, I realised the importance of communication. I had always thought communication was just about how we speak and talk to one another but after the module, I realised  that it was more than just that.

This entire module emphasizes on interpersonal communication and to summarize the entire module, I would think that effective communication definitely starts from yourself. How much one is willing to speak up and how they portray themselves. If someone has a character and personality of being quiet, unwillingness to share much, it would be hard to engage in a conversation with this person. Following which, is how a person willing to listen and digest the information that was given to them. Comparing with someone who listens just for the sake of replying, and someone who listen and understand, the depth of reply would be much different.

Through all the class activities and assignment given, it has definitely given me a better understanding of communication. It definitely gave me time to reflect on myself and how I could improve on my communication skills. I would not say that I had improved tremendously, but it would definitely take sometime for me to improve on my communication skills, especially when it comes to writing.

Like I had mentioned, in every industry, communication is key. Thus, with this module, I am definitely more aware of how I portray myself and take note of how people communicate with one another.

It was definitely one interesting journey of CPD and it has given me an opportunity to step out of my comfort zone. To end it off, a shout out to our professor, Brad, for your time and patience for reading each and every of our blog and for accepting our Singaporean English.


Author: rongzong

24 Years Old. B(Hons) Hospitality Business

One thought on “Critical Reflection”

  1. Thank you, RZ, for this broadly brushed overview of your expectations and experience in the CPDII module. I’m glad that you finally came to understand that communication is much more than “how we speak and talk to one another .”
    All the best as yu continue your learning journey!


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